Episode #92 – Altitude Adjustment


In this episode, I have some knitting, some spinning and a story about how I got an altitude adjustment.  Let’s get caught up on the better part of last year and half.

Spin a tale

Hear about where we have been, how I got where I am now, and where I am going.

Spinning my wheels


All Spun up

  • I am totally spun up about my new Colorado Vibe

Spin Off

  • My server crashed and this is my inaugural return after rebuilding
  • Special thanks to all those who tuned in
  • Closing song: Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart


2017 is going to be a rebuilding year at Spin Control.  Not that that is a bad thing.

We had a tough go at last year but life was overcome by events.  It seems that I spent the last couple years with a lot of apologies for why I hadn’t been recording or posting and time just got away from me.  The old Spin Control episodes were lost in the webosphere and I will need to build the archive from my back ups.  Please have patiences as all the old recordings repopulate and I get this show back on the road.

I have a new episode in the works and plan to have it recorded and complete in the next two weeks or so.

All the best and Happy New Year!!!