Episode #100 – Century


In this episode, I have some knitting, some spinning, some sewing, I am all spun up about a Frankenstein project, and we take a little time to look back at how this whole podcast started.

I have updates about the alpaca, my poor car, and a trip to the Salida Fiber Festival.  Hear about great venders like: Enchanted Fibers, Ewe and Me, The 100th Sheep, Hummingbird Moon, and Six and Seven Fiber.

Spin a Tale

In celebration of reaching my 100th episode, this is where we take a little time to took back at how I got started in podcasting.  It gets a little sappy.

Spinning my wheels


  • Sadly, I hadn’t spun since I recorded my last episode.  I am still working on that Bullseye Bump from Loop Fiber Studios.  I keep trying to remind myself how much I could get done spinning 15 minutes a day!!!


  • I finished 5 project bags.


  • I spent all of my knitting time finishing up my samples for the super duper top secret project.  Very pleased.

All Spun Up

Spin Off

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