Episode #104 – Haters Gonna Hate


In this episode, I’ve got knitting, some spinning, a little bit of sewing, I am all spun up about some new toys I got for Christmas and I am going to put my spin on a brand I am not very pleased with.


  • December has been a great month for celebrations.  Byrd turned 21, and Christmas came and went.  Overall, we had a great family holiday season.
  • I am planning a pattern release on January 1st.  If you hear this before Jan. 1, 2019, there will be a coupon code for use in my Ravelry Store – NewIn19 – you can use to get each pattern for $2.19.

All Spun Up

Spinning my Wheels


  • I patched some jeans that failed me.  It was nice to work with Denim even though I didn’t make something new with it.
  • I also had the chance to help Byrd finish one of her handmade Christmas gifts.


  • I knit 11 miniature mittens out of scrap yarn… just in time for next Christmas.  I used the Mitten Ornament Patter by the Red Heart Design Team.
  • I finished knitting on the second pattern, Ash, and am working that in Brooks Farm Mas-Acero
  • I cast on a pair of Self-striping sock without a pattern.


  • The am just about finished with my Olympia by Luna Bud
  • My Sequoia Wheel is repaired and back with me.

Put my Spin on it

  • I am displeased with Lucky Brand.  One… for the poor quality of their product and two… for their anti-wool advertising.

Spin Off

  • Next time, I will tell you all about my time in Salida, CO for Rock Day Jan. 4-6
  • Closing song: When I Get My Hand on You by The New Basement Tapes.

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