Episode #105 – Stories


In this episode, I’ve got some knitting, some spinning, a little tale for you about some stories that are prominent online right now and we get all caught up on on what is going on in my life.


Spinning my Wheels



  • I completely finished with my Olympia by Luna Bud Knits.
  • Next, I am getting ready to finished spinning the Louet fiber on my spindle.


  • I have the strange urge for experiment with sewing Leather.

Spin a Tale

  • There has been a lot of difficult discussion this week on the internet and Instragram regarding Racism in the fiber community and representation.  If you don’t already know, you should check out the following feeds to learn and understand the issue and it’s negative impact on the whole community.  Here is a good start:  @su.krita, @thecolormustard @ocean_bythesea @astitchtowear

Spin Off

  • Next time, I hope to share more about what’s going on in my knitting life.
  • Closing song: Paint by Paper Kites.

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