Episode #106 – 27 Things


In this episode, I’ve got some knitting, some spinning, and a tiny bit of sewing.  I have a tale for you about my efforts to get organized, and I will tell you all about my most cherished spinning wheel.


Spin a Tale

  • In this edition, I tell you about my efforts to get a bit more organized.  Hear all about 27 things and 101 in 1001.

Spinning my Wheels



  • I have spun pretty regularly on the Dreaded Fleece but didn’t get much further than that.


  • I did some experimenting with sewing Leather and feel pretty good that my equipment with tackle this task.

Spin a Tale

Spin Off

  • Next time, I hope to share more about what’s going on in my knitting life.
  • Closing song: Saint Valentine by Gregory Alan Isakov.

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