Episode #107 – Weathering the Storm


In this episode, I’ve got some knitting, a little bit of spinning, quite a few distractions, some procrastination and I will fill you all in on how the weather here in Colorado has been treating us.


  • 27 things is going really well… even if the 27 things is just a load of laundry or dishes.
  • Thanks to everyone who chimed in to confirm that they remember the Fly Lady.
  • The pattern didn’t get published but more about that later
  • We are getting closer to Itty Bitty graduating from high school

Spin a Tale

Spinning my Wheels


  • I have spun pretty regularly on the Dreaded Fleece but didn’t get much further than that.


  • I Started another pair of self-striping socks.  The yarn I am using is Ty Dy Sock by Knit One Crochet Two.
  • I didn’t finish the pattern but I finished the Good Intention Sock Project.  Very pleased with the product.  The Yarn is Valentina by Bermont Yarn

Spin Off

  • Next time, I hope to share more about what’s going on in my knitting life.
  • Closing song: White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes.