Episode #95 – Plain Jane Glory


In this episode, I have some crafting, some progress on the biggest project, a little tale for you about the search for my plain jane glory.  Of course, we will start things off with some updates.

Spin a tale

I feel like life is telling me I need to take another approach to determining my future.  Hear about the search for my plain jane glory.

Spinning my wheels


  • Managed to spin about half a bobbins worth of alpaca fiber.


  • Making really good progress on my Jeck Socks.  Ripped back, knit the heal turn, finished the gusset and now I am on to knitting the foot.

Biggest Project

  • The search for the boy’s diploma gave me a great excuse to unpack all the boxes in the craft room.  I have managed to get all my books put on the shelves.  I inventoried my fiber stash and got it put away.  I am chugging away on getting all my yarn stash inventoried.

Spin Off

  • Special thanks to all those who tuned in.  If you have the chance, hop over to iTunes and leave a review or star rating to make it easier for potential listeners to find me.
  • Closing song: Big Black Car by Gregory Alan Isakov

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