Episode #103 – My Winter Heart


In this episode, I will chat with you about finding my winter heart, I have some knitting, some spinning, and I am all spun up about magazine subscriptions… of all things.


  • I have started work.  I like my job but it definitely going to be a harder transition than expected.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!  The holiday came and went and we have had lots of visitors over the past couple of weeks.

Spin a Tale

  • I just wanted to chat a bit about how I have found my winter heart.  I am loving all the cold weather adventures.

Spinning my Wheels


  • I finished spinning and plying the  Loop! Bump but can’t bring myself to call it done because I haven’t set it yet.
  • The next spinning project I plan to finish is my Olympia by Luna Bud
  • Someday I will finish my dreaded fleece … someday.
  • I got my Sequoia Wheel back and wish I could start the project that’s on it … long story.


All Spun Up

  • Now that I am employed, I no longer feel too guilty to subscribe to a few magazines.  I am about to subscribe to: Knitscene, Spin Off and Ply.

Spin Off