Episode #98 – Super Duper Top Secret


In this episode, I have some Knitting, some spinning, a little bit of sewing, I am all spun up about a super duper top secret project I have undertaken, and a little tale for you about one of my spinning wheels.

The only updates I have are alpaca prep.

All Spun Up

I am all spun up about a super duper top secret project that I have under taken.

Spinning my wheels


  • I got distracted by the super duper top secret project but I am still working on other things.
  • I have four finished legs on the socks I have been working on: a pair of Hermione’s Everyday socks for me and yet another pair of Jeck socks for the boy.
  • I didn’t get any farther than casting on the Eco Vest.
  • Still plan to but haven’t cast on the sweater pattern from Isabel Kraemer called on the beach.


  • I did finish spinning, plying and setting the Alpaca Bumps I had been working on.
  • I started spinning the first of many Bullseye Bump I own from Loop Fiber Studios.  I am spinning this on my Louet Hatbox Reproduction wheel.


  • I got my sewing table all set up and am ready to start sewing.  I have a stack of chore sewing that I plan to get accomplished before the next episode.
  • I am also converting an original drawing by one of my daughters into an embroidery design.  Getting that set up was quiet the adventure.

Spin a Tale

  • In this edition, I tell you all about my Louet S45 travel wheel.  It’s adorable and I love it.

Spin Off

  • A huge thanks to Laura (LaLa) and Leslie (DontCallMeLes) for the Knit Girllls Podcast for the generous shout out on their last episode.  I hope that helped folks find me.
  • Closing song: remake of Clocks by Coldplay from the bluegrass tribute, Pickin’ on Coldplay.

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